Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Garden Moves in Slow Motion

Long overdue for an update!

But you didn't miss much lol. While everyone throughout the bloggosphere is harvesting their large vegetables, I'm still struggling to grow the simplest of crops...

Best example being my lettuce!

I sowed these lettuce seeds in mid March. 10 weeks later, it's finally looking like a lettuce but nowhere close to harvestable. and the slugs/snails got to the bottom leaf! Grrrrrrr.

And while everyone harvests their beautiful broccoli, mine looks so puny!

I guess the good thing is that it's still alive and no pests seem to bother it :) So maybe there is still hope! These were sown in mid-March as well. Maybe I need better nutrients in the soil?

Well all is not so pathetic in my garden though. Slow, sure, but there is definitely some progress in my garden that I can't help but be proud of :)

Top Left: Zucchini blossoms
Top Right: Close to harvest Peas
Bottom Left: Corn corner
Bottom Right: Tiny but very healthy Basil

Not only that, my spinach in pots have been working out great :D They're growing so much faster, and seems to enjoy the partial shade it gets from the herb pots on the shelf above them.

Oh and we finally got rain a week and a half ago. (28 consecutive days of no rain! VERY rare for Seattle) It's been consistently showering daily since then so my garden is just soaking it all in and lovin it! :)