Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June Deaths

This is my first time doing an entry for Garden Bloggers Death Day. Check out the blog Gardening Without Skills by Kate and Crew for the details of this monthly blog trend :)

Surprisingly with my super black thumbs I don't have too much in my garden actually dying. The problems I DO encounter tends to be more along the lines of not germinating, stunted growth, bolting too early, or the minor pest peckage.

I do, however still have a couple of "on their way" plants that I'm trying to recover that I'll definitely post:

My parsley that is scorching in the heat. I was gone for a day and didn't water my garden. While most everything was fine, my plants in planters didn't enjoy the neglect too much. For now it's only the bottom few leaves of each of my parsley plant that withered away so hopefully a good drink will set them back to normal :)

This is one of my Shiso herb leaves that my mom gave me. I haven't transplanted them and didn't really plan to, but along with the parsley these wilted as well. Most of them perked back up after a quick shower but this guy still looks a little down.

My broccoli are still tiny compared to everyone else's. I haven't had the need to further thin them out yet, but I already know which ones are the ones that are going to get picked out. These eaten and purple looking ones! I don't know if it's from the direct sunlight, but some of my smaller broccoli seedlings are turning purple. D:

My tomato plants I planted back in April. WTH. I'm kind of hoping death would just take it away already. I have 4 of these cherry tomato plants at the same stage. I can't get the nerve to pick them out since they still have a bit of green in them... Being the first time gardener, I don't really know if these are defective or I'm just impatient. Ah well, I'll let them stay for a tad bit longer...

That's pretty much it for the death toll in my garden. Not dead, but dying. Everything else is doing fairly well though. This gardening experience is giving me so much surprises this year. I think I see a tad bit of green in my black thumbs. I guess all I needed to do was bury them and dirt for a while :D