Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Teepee For My Peas

My peas were growing so fast they were pretty much bulging out of my starter pots! D:

I quickly built this teepee (wig wam) out of iron rods that were lying around the backyard and some twine left over from the trellises I made. The rods were SO long, it's probably jammed at least 2 feet into the ground, but it still stands to be 7-8 feet tall. I don't know if I'll be able to reach that high come harvest time, but I also don't know how tall my peas are going to get... so I'm hoping it all works out.

I planted 3 plants per pole and sprinkled lime around them to hopefully deter the slugs and snails (I read this online somewhere). And the big plant behind one of the poles is NOT my peas, it's actually a blackberry bush I need to yank out. It's a bit discouraging though when they keep coming back, esp with the neighbor letting it grow so big along our fence... that big bush hovering above the fence is all blackberries :(

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Making Plant Markers

The other day I went to go buy some plant markers (They're currently labeled with post-it notes which obviously DON'T work too well esp. when I water them lol). The price was about 3 bucks for a pack of 10 or so? Maybe I'm being a little overboard cheap but I don't know... I was hoping to buy a pack of 100 or more so I can use them for gifts and such too so I was not expecting to be spending over 30 dollars on plant markers.

So instead I decided to do a little arts and crafts! After a bit of brainstorming on the materials to use, I ended up choosing an empty juice carton box and some plastic forks (We have a big Costco box of them that rarely gets used).

I am highly pleased with my final product :D I made them big enough so I can even write down the specific type of whatever plant. I also cut up a bunch of thin skinny pieces for labeling starters. Everything's written/drawn in permanent ink so they don't wash off and if I lose them they really won't be that big of a loss.

One carton made enough signs but I'll probably start saving and cutting them up for future use as well.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sprouts, Sprouts, Everywhere!

Everything is suddenly growing so fast! I was expecting maybe 10% of my seeds to sprout but almost 75% have sprouted!! 8D How amaaaaazing!

top left: spinach
top right: turnips
bottom left: squash
bottom right: peas

So I've come to realize that gardening is very.... therapeutic. It's nice to escape into the garden and be able to create my own little world. I feel like a little kid again, eager to see something new each and every day :)