Tuesday, July 7, 2009

First Big Harvest

This is possibly the most excited I've ever been since I started my garden!

It's not much compared to a lot other bloggers out there but this is my first time I got a significant harvest from my garden. :D Actual beans! Actual peas!! I can finally eat my lettuce!!! And I had a few more strawberries and rasberries but I kept eating them before I could bring them inside for a picture. Same goes for the peas lol. I never thought raw peas could taste so good!!! DELICIOUS :9

Tonight's dinner:

Scrambled eggs with side of garlic & butter sauteed beans and peas with a side of salad.

If only my chickens were laying eggs, I could make this meal with everything from the garden!! :D Minus the garlic and butter I guess. I need to grow garlic next year. And maybe get a cow haha.


Siren said...

I want to grow garlic next year, too :) especially after seeing everyone else's wonderful spring garlic/onion harvest.


Sinfonian said...

Garlic is almost ready to harvest now, so next year this time you could be down to butter, which is no biggie. Who has room for a cow in Seattle? hehe.

Great looking harvest. Nice work!

Cynthia said...

Siren~ I know, I get jealous of everyone's garlics. It sounds like everyone can grow it pretty problem-free so I'm hoping it'll be an easy addition for my growing list next year :D

Sinfonian~ Haha, yeah totally joking about the cow. I can't even fit a goat in my tiny backyard!

Just Jenn said...

It's so wonderful when the first big garden harvest comes through. Makes all those winter months freezing outside totally worth it! Congrats!!