Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Think I Found My Lettcuce

top left: lettuce(?)
top right: carrot
bottom left: radish
bottom right: corn

I think I have finally found my lettuce. I was letting ALL the weeds grow in my lettuce/spinach bed because I just couldn't figure out what was lettuce and what was weed. Since I sowed the seeds in mid-April, I thought I had accidentally pulled up all the lettuce in the beginning but maybe they just take a while to sprout. I've been finding really light colored leaves where the lettuce are expected to be, which aren't like the weeds that I've been seeing all over my garden. I'm going to let them grow with my fingers crossed!

My carrots are finally looking like carrots too. My garden grows so slow compared to all the gardens of the bloggers in the east coast. I'm sure they started their seeds much earlier than I did so I know I shouldn't be discouraged but... I'm just worried that they're not gonna grow fast enough to become a successful harvest! :( Maybe I'm just impatient.


Annie's Granny said...

Yes, that's lettuce! It doesn't take long to germinate, so maybe you've pulled much of it out thinking they were weeds.

Cynthia said...

Hahaha I bet I did!!! Well I'm glad that it's still popping up! I think there's about a dozen or so scattered in my lettuce bed. It's supposed to get pretty hot (70's) though so I hope they'll do okay in the heat.

Siren said...

This is really funny, because I had to do that quite often too this year. Let everything grow, including weeds, until I could tell what was the vegetable and what was the weed. I know next year I will be better informed!