Friday, May 29, 2009

Random Aspagarus

Here it is again!!! Last year I found them randomly popping out of my garden! It's not the most ideal gardening spot for me especially since it's coming out from the edge of the fence, almost directly alongside the border rocks. I'm hoping to dig it up and replant it but two problems so far:

a.) When is a good time to dig up and transplant asparagus?
b.) I don't know where I want them to grow year after year. I have such limited space...

I'll find space for them though. It's exciting that I got a free crop! If only I had a whole garden just magically start popping up from my backyard... ahhh, how nice that would be :)

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*Michelle* said...

Lucky you with the volunteer asparagus! :)

As for your mulch question, I use straw-- lots & lots of straw. It makes fantastic mulch & as it breaks down, the worms love it & it becomes worked into the soil. With this hot weather, you've got to have mulch on your garden or everything dries up terribly fast! It also keeps everything clean & things like strawberries & tomatoes are less likely to contract soil-born rot & such. The only drawback is that slugs like to hide in the damp stra-- but I've just discovered Sluggo, which is a perfectly safe & organic slug bait!

BTW... the way you have your google acct set up, I cannot reply to your comments via email, which is why I keep leaving comments to answer your question. :)