Thursday, May 21, 2009


It's supposed to be in the 70's for the next couple of days :D That should do my garden some good!

Lately all that's been on my mind are chickens. I want chickens. I've wanted chickens since forever. I asked around and my friend whose dad owns chickens in the middle of Seattle said they can go find me some if I wanted. YAY!!

Now that my chicken source is confirmed, where to house them.

I have this gigantic shed in the middle of my backyard that's barely being used. I was thinking of converting it into a chicken coop but I don't know how well it would work. The walls are all made of wooden lattice so it would be cool in the summer but I'm sure it won't be the most comfortable in the wintertime.

After doing research online, all chicken coops
seem to need a "chicken run" where the chickens have a little door to a caged spot outside to run around and receive sun. Will this shed not provide sufficient lighting? Maybe I'll add on to the side of it so they can come out and play.

And how about flooring? I think the shed is currently lined with crates. Should I keep that as is and cover it with bedding? or should I pour down some concrete? Concrete would be my favorable choice but I don't know how into it my boyfriend would be since he will do most of the work :(


*Michelle* said...

Cynthia-- I'm replying to your comment & questions over on our blog. :) Any local feed store will have chicks this time of year. They're alwasy cheap-- like $2-$4 a piece. I'm sure they make their money off of the feed and supplies, not the actual chicks. ;) As for breeds, we have Buff Orps, Black Australorps, Barred Rocks, Partridge Rocks, and three babies this year-- another Buff and two heritage breed Delawares. All of my hens have been great layers, although you cannot beat the Buffs for egg size! On a down note, we have had to put down one Buff & one Australorp due to unknown illness, which thankfully did not spread to the other girls. The Rocks are healthy as can be, though, and seem to be aging really well. The other Buff hen I have has some weird tumor growth thing in her eye & her comb just doesn't give me the impression that she's all that healthy (you can tell a lot about a chicken from its comb!). That being said, I did go & buy another Buff just because they are such sweet birds-- large & very docile. I won't get Blacks again, though. Beautiful, but very standoffish. Overall, I would recommend the Rocks for health and egg laying. Feel free to send me more questions. I love keeping chickens. There's a long post on the blog with more info & insights that I wrote awhile back. Migh cover some things you didn't think of yet. :) Have a great day & enjoy the sunshine!

*Michelle* said...

As for your shed, you don't need a floor, just spread a bale of fir shavings in there. You will need some kind of fenced run so they can get out and run around and scratch & such. You can let them out in your yard once a week or so, but they will tear it from hell & gone if you let them free range in your yard. All your grass will be destroyed and any gardens you have will be torn up. The size looks good. You will need to replace/cover the walls with something that will provide shelter during the windy/rainy months.