Monday, May 18, 2009

Dried Up Seedlings ;____;

I was gone for work for two days... two very hot days. Sadly my boyfriend didn't water my seedlings enough and I came home to dying/dead sprouts in dried up dirt ;____;. Sadness rains in my sunny garden today...
top left: eggplant
top right: okra
bottom left: green pepper
bottom right: tomato

The tomato doesn't look too bad in the photo but all the leaves that were lush bright green on Saturday are now looking frail and yellow.

The pepper and eggplants don't look like there's much hope for revival which is so sad since it took FOREVER for the peppers to sprout, and I don't have any more seeds left :( The eggplant on the other hand I planted a new batch last week so I am so grateful for that.

I'm most saddened by my okras :( One looks weak but might recover.... The other sprouts don't look so good. The whole reason I started a garden was because I wanted to grow and eat my own okras. Everything else started out being the "extras". So I reaaaally hope they do okay!!!

The one thing that did survive okay despite being in such dry soil were my cucumbers. I was surprised, but I'm guessing it was because they're pretty big and strong at this point compared to the others that were still just sprouting.

They are still a bit frail compared to how I left them so I'm hoping a good soak will help them regain their strength :)

I hope my boyfriend will consistently keep my sprouts watered from now on... Coming home to a dying garden is a bit depressing......

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