Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Wonderful Surprise

Look at what was waiting for me in the garden this morning!

My first flower on my pea plants :D The plants are about a foot tall now. If they're flowering, does that mean they stop growing? I made such a tall teepee for them, it'll be a shame if they didn't reach the top.

In the neglected corner of my backyard...

My asparagus are growing like crazy! I discovered these in my backyard last year. I didn't pick one fast enough and it started turning into a tree.  I cut it down anyways though, I hope that was okay. I'm planning to dig it up during the winter and splitting them up for next year. Especially since they're growing from such a random spot, I want to actually have a "planned" spot for them in the garden :)


Sandy said...

How long has your asparagus been growing. I just started a bed this year and it has been slow to emerge. Twenty-five crowns planted and only six shoots so far! I'm north of you in Woodinville, but close enough that we have similar growing conditions.

*Michelle* said...

In the future, let that asparagus "tree" grow. It feeds the roots & ensures more sprouts next year. :) My snow peas are finally blooming too! The vines will continue to grow if you keep the peas picked.

Cynthia said...

Sandy~ The asparagus was already growing when I bought the house two years ago so it's been there quite a bit. Last year only two shoots came up and I let them both fully grow into trees. The one crown has given me 5 shoots so far, and hopefully more! :)

Michelle~ I'll be sure to let the last shoots grow into trees. I'm hoping I can split them up during the winter though. Do you know if one crown can be split into multiple crowns or safer to just split it into two?