Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm Getting So Much Done :)

Everything is growing beautifully well. I love the Seattle rain. I haven't had to water the garden in weeks!!

top left: transplanted squash and zucchinis
top right: zucchini
bottom left: radish
bottom right: spinach

I transplanted the squash and zucchinis right under the trellis. I can't wait until it grows high enough to start crawling on them! :D Their true leaves are starting to sprout too which is very very exciting.

The spinach are finally starting to look like spinach! As you can see, they're way too crowded together so I need to thin them out. I wonder if I can replant them? I seeded them in a row but it's growing only from this little patch here :( So strange... I'll try it out and if it whithers away, well... I was gonna toss em anyways, right?

There's a little hole in my spinach leaf. I wonder what it's from? The slugs? Or another pest I don't know about? Whatever it is I hope my beetle army takes care of them :)

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