Friday, May 15, 2009

Reinforcement Army

The slug and snail population has GREATLY reduced since making snail hunting in the garden a nightly ritual. :D However every night I still do manage to find 2 or 3 so they're not gone... they're still out there multiplying. There must be some eggs that are unhatched somewhere nearby.

After a little research I've found out that black beetles will eat slugs, snails, AND their eggs, amongst other nasty critters that attack your garden. Even the wormy things that were eating my blueberry bush!

Lucky me, I had an abundance of beetles. Haha, random, right? I have a pet lizard which I feed super worms to, and if you buy too much, the worms eventually turn into cocoons and become.... beetles! Fascinating. So I had 3 cups of worms that turned to beetles and I've been keeping them for months not knowing what to do with them (they apparently eat each other.... they've survived so long!) so I happily set them free in my garden. I hope this will eliminate my pest problems for good! :D

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