Monday, May 11, 2009

Vote For The Free Stakes!

I went to the zoo yesterday and saw this adorable creature :D I bet he can help me put stakes in the ground for my beans! 

Speaking of stakes, I went out to the local hardware store to buy some stakes for my tomatoes, but they were about 3 bucks a stake! Why is everything so expensive? So I disappointingly drove back home empty-handed until I stopped at one of our major intersections, pondering what else I can use to support my plants. I look on the grassy patch next to me and I see stakes!! They were from the political campaign signs in which they took down the signs but neglected to take out the stakes. So there's these random wooden stakes standing everywhere on this major intersection. 

Being a bit embarrassed, I didn't go through with taking them but I thought about them all day. Then I started thinking of it more as "community service" since those have obviously been there a long time and no one had cleaned them up. So later that night, I dragged my boyfriend with me to that same intersection, parked the car and happily collected about a dozen sturdy stakes for my baby tomatoes to lean on. :D They're perfect!

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