Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Gifts

I got my mom a vegetable gardening book in Japanese. For my boyfriend's mom I decided to share some of my seedlings :D I saw this on an easter article where you plant seedlings in hollowed out eggs. SO CUTE!! All you do is cut off the top, empty out the egg (and eat them of course!) and poke a hole in the bottom with the tip of a knife and tadaa! An organic and compostable seedling planter. When you want to plant it in the ground, all you do is crack the egg a bit and directly plant it into the soil. The egg shell will now become nutrients for the soil and your plant :) Amazing!

There was one problem with this though... while I was merrily replanting my seedling into the eggs, a robin swoops down and perches onto my trellis right above me, literally a few feet away! It was staring at me for the longest time until I realized that I had broken eggs in my hand D: I had to yell for my boyfriend to come shoo it away since I thought it was going to try to attack me!!! Next time I'm going to make egg planters INDOORS. haha.

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